Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Thoughts on healing the Lower Spire for the first time

Our priest was absent last night so I healed the entire Lower Spire in tree form.  Fortunately, our pally tank healer is plenty good enough to snipe heals at the rest of the raid when I was falling behind.

It was actually quite refreshing.  I'm usually only called in as a third healer on the fights with massive raid damage (Marrowgar and Festergut, so far).  I often feel a bit overwhelmed in those fights and do my best to hit Wild Growth every six seconds and keep the raid blanketed in Rejuvs, but nothing more than that.  This has given me the false impression that all healing in ICC is a matter of brute force. 

It was good to see things like Deathwhisper and, surprisingly, Saurfang that had relatively controlled raid damage and permitted me to react and anticipate who would need heals when, rather than simply racing to keep everyone covered at all time.  Saurfang has remarkably little raid damage.  I was able to keep HoTs rolling on the tanks with no problem at all (same with the Gunship Battle), and only had to keep an eye out for who had boiling blood on them at any given time.  By the end, I was rolling Lifebloom on the Marked raid member as well, and still didn't feel overwhelmed. 

It was good, it was fun, and it let me practice druid raid healing with a bit more finesse than I'm usually able to.  We'll see if any of that translates over to Festergut tomorrow...

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