Friday, January 22, 2010

Gunship Battle 10-man

Getting to your Boat

Once you get to the top of the elevator, you'll see Horde and Alliance fighters going after each other. Mark and target the healers of your opposing faction first. Otherwise it takes forever. Then, if you are Alliance, head left. If you're Horde, head right. If you rapidly start to wipe on the trash groups, you're going the wrong way (we did this the first night...).

After a couple of trash pulls, you'll come to the ramp to your ship.

The Gunship Battle

Raid Comp:  2 Tanks, 2 Healers, 6 DPS

Lucky Numbers:  Don't forget your rocketpack, and don't stand in targets or whirlwinds! 

Talk to the goblin or gnome or creature of whatever shape or size that gives you a rocket pack. Equip it, and bind it to a hotkey. Then talk to your commander (Bronzebeard or Saurfang) and you're off like a speeding bullet....until the opposing ship comes along side and starts blasting you.

The Setup:  Home Team, Away Team, and Cannoneers

We tend to do this with two healers, two tanks, and ... 10-2-2....looks like six dps. Your raid will be divided into two groups. One healer and one tank will stay on your boat to handle the mobs that portal over, and one healer and one tank plus at least three dps (all melee if possible) will jump to the other ship whenever a frost mage appears to put your cannon out of commission. Two of the dps that stay on your ship will also be manning the cannon whenever they are available.

Manning the Cannon

If you are in the cannon, your goal is to take down the enemy ship before it takes you down. Your cannon has a main attack (hotkey 1) that deals damage and builds up 10 heat energy per shot. It then has a secondary attack (hotkey 2) that converts the heat energy into a large amount of damage to the opposing ship. If you mess up and let the heat get to 100, your cannon will overheat and stop working for a period of time. Don't do that. Use the second attack at 80 or 90 heat. Also, target your first attack at the mobs directly opposite you, throwing stuff at you. They will respawn, but if they are alive for too long they will stack a buff called Experience that makes them throw harder and faster, dealing considerable raid damage. When the enemy mage iceblocks your cannon, you will help control the adds on your own ship while the away team transpor...err...rocket jumps over to deal with the mage. Then get back in your cannon. It's warm and safe.

The Home Team

If you are on your own ship but not in a cannon, make sure you move if a target appears on the floor under you. That means an enemy rocket is going to land there. You don't want to be there when it does. Every little while, an enemy team will open a portal and appear on your ship. Let the tank pick them up. Focus fire down the tank's target, and stay away from the enemy sergeant when he whirlwinds. When you have free time, help shoot across at the adds on the other ship. Be careful though, then enemy boss can sometimes target you if you stand on the extreme edge of your ship. Just run away if he starts throwing things at you.

The Away Team

If you are part of the away team, help out with your own ship until the enemy mage appears. He will channel a spell to freeze your cannon. Let your tank jump across first to pick up the enemy boss. The boss will start stacking a buff to damage and speed real quick, so you can't stay long. The healer follows immediately after the tank, and then the dps a second later. DPS should immediately head to the mage and take him down. Ignore everything else...if you pull an add on you, the healer will get overwhelmed. Announce to the raid once the mage is down and jump back. The healer will follow, with the tank right after him. If there is a portal open to your ship, you can try to take that, but it closes unexpectedly (it's only there to let the bad guys through, after all).

Try not to rocket jump the wrong way.

It takes a little bit of getting used to, but it's not too bad. After you force the other ship to retreat, you'll dock at the Deathbringer's Rise, which brings us to the next boss...

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