Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Mount Hyjal

Last Thursday was the final raid night for our long-time holy paladin, so when a few people had to leave after our first few attempts at Festergut, we decided to go do something epic that none of us had ever seen before.  We headed to the Caverns of Time and, after a few false stumbles, found our way into the Mount Hyjal instance.  There were, as I recall, 6 of us, but we rolled through the entire 25-man raid until 2 more lost the connection to the server just before Archimonde. 

It really is an epic fight.  I ran through the world zone of Hyjal back in 2005, on my tauren druid, before they fixed the door hack.  It was a beautiful zone, with a dead world tree and the skeleton of a giant demon resting on its roots.  Seeing that battle from a first person perspective was amazing.

The initial fight in the human base was pretty easy for us in our mixed T9/T10.  We did get a nasty surprise when, after channeling a "mass teleport" for a while, Jaina teleported herself and her troops to safety, but left us behind.  It was funny for a moment, and then got really exciting as wave after wave of ghouls started shuffling and prancing over the hills and towards us at high speed.  Only half of us made it to the Horde base...the rest got dismounted and had to be left behind (though they joined us after a quick graveyard run). 

The waves of trash at the Horde base were far more epic.  The first time I saw a giant frostwyrm slowly coming in over the trees, I just gaped. 

With full T9 gear, this can easily be done with half a dozen people, so everyone should check it out if they get a chance!  I extended our lockout, so hopefully we'll be able to take out Archimonde sometime this week.

I'm looking forward to this becoming an active zone again in Cataclysm.  Though I suspect it will be mostly on fire, if Ragnaros is alive and kicking.

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