Monday, April 12, 2010

Rebirth changing back to a 30 minute cooldown in Cataclysm?

In the middle of a thread about Blood Lust and Kings, Ghostcrawler dropped an important factoid for we free Druids:
Obviously things like Rebirth can't just be handed to out to more classes unless we did something like a second exhaustion mechanic for battle rez or whatever. For now we're going to try the cooldown at 30 min again. In Icecrown's world of limited attempts, a 30 min cooldown likely meant you just cooled your heels until the cooldown was available again. In Cataclysm the hope is sometimes you'll have the benefit available but not every time, which scales back on how much of a game-changer it is.
Whoa there.  Rebirth is currently on a 10 minute cooldown.  I'll admit, I've been handing it out since candy thanks to that change, and Blizzard has apparently decided that it should be more like fine wine.  Well, boxed wine, at any rate.  A 10 minute cooldown is up for every attempt.  A 30 minute cooldown means that it will be up every other or every third attempt, and probably every other boss if you're able to one-shot everything.

What does that mean?  Well, my guild almost always loses someone, often two someones, doing Putricide and Sindragosa.  Yes, we're a little sloppy.  But there is a lot of damage flying around in all directions in that sort of fight.  We're used to battle res'ing one to two people per fight.  We have two druids and it tends to work out.

However, that does allow us to be a bit sloppy.  So does this mean Blizzard is aiming to go back to something more like Burning Crusade and to require perfect execution of raid encounters?  No, almost certainly not.  I'm guessing that this will fit in with the overall changes to health, damage taken, and healing in Cataclysm.  It sounds like people will be in less imminent danger of death for most encounters, and this should mean fewer actual deaths.  Right now, it's easy to die in many ICC encounters if there's a lag spike or you're outside the healers' range for more than a second or two.  If Cataclysm changes that to a 10 second window instead, for example, deaths will only occur due to actual errors, and a 30 minute Rebirth should fit in well.

I'll admit, I love feeling like a hero whenever I cast the thing, so I will miss it a bit.  But I don't think it's the end of the world.

UPDATE:  Hah!  Ghostcrawler confirmed my premise:
Also keep in mind that Rebirth is much more useful in today's game where people tend to die from massive damage. In a world where people sometimes die because the healers have run out of mana, then Rebirth doesn't buy you quite as much. 
He also indicated that they were considering other options, including leaving the 10 minute cooldown as is but having each Rebirth trip the cooldown for all other druids in the raid.  Sounds like they just don't want it used all that often, and only when people died due to honest mistakes.

In the same thread, he suggested that we may see a merger of Kings and Gift...interesting.  Ever since vanilla, I've thought of Mark of the Wild as the iconic Druid spell.  I'd be sorry to see it go.

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